Rye House Party

As you’ll come to find with us, great cuisine and drink establishments add even more of an attraction to the events we attend. In the words of one of our favorite bands, we Seek & Destroy.

We first seek out an entire list of possibilities well in advance, filter based on reviews, uniqueness, history, word-of-mouth, past experience, and reservation availability, and then launch our attack with precision. Note: longer trips do include more cultural and historical attractions outside of food and beverages, but we’re only talking about a night out / pre-concert in this case. 

Hence this article, because if you commit to an event at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, we promise you’ll have more to cheer about than just the show.

Treat yourself to a pre-dinner drink at Rye House – at the corner of Willet & Main St. It’s a 5 minute walk from The Cap and less from Metro North if you’ve trained it in. Tip: Take Broad St. or King St. over to Willet Ave. (from either location) to avoid the congestion of where Westchester Ave. meets Main St.
Rye House

We have yet to try the food at Rye House, only because we have another place we haven’t strayed from yet (we’ll write about that soon). But, we have only had great experiences with the  craft beer and cocktail selection at Rye House.

It’s also a great, open but cozy atmosphere with a very friendly staff and you will tend to see the same cocktail artisans doing their magic behind the bar. Sit at the bar as they are always doing something interesting to observe. We’ve seen these professionals actively cooking their own simple syrup, infusing their next special spirit for mixing, comparing all the bitters in their arsenal, filling pourers with freshly squeezed juice, and preparing herbs and citrus fruits for the night ahead. During your visit, you’ll be immersed in the school of what it takes to craft cocktails.

Rye House
City Harvest:
Persimmon-infused Four Roses Bourbon, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, lemon, and clove – topped with bourbon-soaked persimmon!

Eat the persimmon, it’s earthy and tastes like a cube of ‘fall’, but it actually adds to sipping the City Harvest. For a cold drink on a cold day, it certainly warms you up!

Rye House
The Riddler:
Green tea-infused vodka, St. Germain, honey, cucumber, mint.

The mint rang through in this concoction more than the green tea, but that may be up to your own taste buds. It was still very delicious and at $10-$12 a pop, their cocktails are worth every penny in their potency, freshness, complexity, and craftsmanship.

If Rye House’s cocktail selection isn’t enough for you, there is always a wide variety of top-notch brews available on tap, or in bottles & cans.
Cigar City Brewing

Since it’s not distributed in CT, we were overjoyed to indulge in a Jai Alai from Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, FL). This IPA can definitely go toe-to-toe with our New England favorites in The Alchemist’s Heady Topper, Lawson’s Sip Of Sunshine, or New England Brewing Company’s G-Bot.

See, it’s almost like we’ve had a full night even before dinner or the show we attended! Stay tuned for more on a pre-event restaurant and other tips on visiting Port Chester and The Capitol Theatre.

-The Sweet and Sweaty

Rye House PC
126 N. Main St., Port Chester, NY
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Rye House NYC
17th St. (Union Square neighborhood)
New York City, NY