My wife and I are extremely passionate about experiencing new travel, cuisine, craft beer, craft cocktails, live music, and recorded albums old & new. And, we are frequently asked, “How was that place, that food, that drink, that concert, that band?!”

It’s time to craft our experiences into something easily digestible for everyone to sample: The Sweet and Sweaty

You may not be down with all that we experience, but we’re hoping you’ll give some new things a try along the way. We would also really love to hear your feedback, ideas, and your own reports.

We’re VERY excited about this and we hope you’ll feel the same as the experiences happen. Let’s go!rogue_SF_sampler

P.S. – Why “The Sweet and Sweaty”?
My wife once told me the tale of her favorite wing flavor at her favorite college bar. The wings were not only tangy like a sugary treat, but also a hot, spicy indulgence. Long after the original story was told, we were joking over some beverages that if we ever led a band together, we would need to call it “Sweet & Sweaty” (i.e., she’s extremely nice and caring and I tend to be animated and perspiring). Since I still haven’t taught her how to play bass and I’m busy playing guitar in a cover band, we decided the name should live on with a different purpose – Enjoy!

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