The Big Game (Dinner)

The Sweaty one went out on a limb this past Super Bowl Eve, as a guest to a game dinner at the Wallingford Rod & Gun Club (Wallingford, CT). Nerves were high being a game dinner rookie, but duty called, also being a blogger of food experiences…

All involved should be highly commended, and especially the dinner chair, as not only was I at ease after tasting the first course, I could not wait for the SEVENTEEN courses that were to follow!

Don’t let the disposable dinnerware throw you off, as we are talking about a serious DIY event and I certainly would not have wanted the hosts to be bothered by dishes following all of their hard work.

I have certainly had pheasant and venison from family in the past, but in those cases I was almost only eating it just to be polite. On the contrary, the courses prepared at this dinner were dishes of beauty, prepared with the best of sauces and accompaniments, and would be worthy of gracing any restaurant menu.

I felt as stuffed as Thanksgiving dinner, but I knew that what I was eating was fresh, all homemade & made to order; in many ways healthier then most meals!

Thank you to all who were involved as the entire menu was outstanding. It would take three hours to describe it all, so let’s take a visual journey instead. Definitely feel free to post any questions or comments if you’d like me to elaborate on any course!

Note: I did not get pics of the clam chowder or the cake as I didn’t really consider these ‘game’ courses, but I can tell you both were AMAZING. And, I completely forgot to take a pic of the Rabbit Stemperata soup (the deliciousness was very distracting!). Enjoy.

Tip: Hover over the pics (on your desktop/laptop) or tap once on the pic (on mobile) for captions…

roast duck_corned

Clockwise from upper-left: Roast Duck w/Honey/Soy Sauce, Cabbage & Baby Carrots, Corned Venison

-The Sweet and Sweaty