Thrashed Post Experimental Metal

Elated is just one way to describe the feeling I had after seeing Vektor, Eight Bells, and Warm at the Outer Space Ballroom last night.

The night began with what I’ll call my own little ‘opener’, a Coriolis from New England Brewing Company. I’d recommend this beer for any hop fanatics. Tip: Always get Coriolis if you see it on tap, as this DIPA is sure to kick within 24 hours.

New England Brewing Company Coriolis

DIPA = double IPA; Can also be referred to as an “Imperial” IPA

Okay, back to the show! Warm, from CT, was the first opening band and I was very impressed by their brand of experimental metal.



Warm apply the ‘post metal’ label to themselves, and I’d even pin them with ‘post hardcore’ as well. Definitely for fans of everything from the abrasiveness of Cable to the melody and sonic expansiveness of Baroness. Their performance is very physical as well, so even if you’re not 100% into the music, you still get your money’s worth. Warm are releasing a full length very soon, so keep your eyes on their Bandcamp page, and I hope to see these guys on lots of future metal bills!

Next up was more experimental metal, delivered by Eight Bells from Portland, OR.

eight bells

Eight Bells

This all female, three piece dominated the stage and commanded your utmost attention. The vocal harmonies were something I hadn’t seen a band pull-off live in a long time. Very beautiful with both clean and dirty vox which I can imagine would be even more impressive in a larger venue, with a larger sound system.

There were both intense and muted sections that took you along a complete metal journey. -It’s nice to have dynamics from time-to-time instead of the continuous pummeling of riffs and drums. The double-kick was used sparingly which only made it even more welcome and pronounced when it hit. I was also blown away by the 6-string bass work in addition to the soundscape mastery by the effects-laden guitar. Eight Bells are due to drop their new full length this month. I will definitely buy into that presale!

Headlining the night was Vektor from AZ, by way of Philadelphia, PA.



Vektor’s progressive thrash metal is no joke. You can only peel your eyes away from the rapid fire guitar work, if you’re leading the circle pit in the crowd… otherwise, you’re just glued to it!

I love their Outer Isolation full length and can’t wait for their upcoming new release either. These guys are pros and I have a hunch their rise into the upper echelon of metal is just beginning. Fans of the Big 4 should definitely give Vektor a serious listen and better yet, see them in action!

If you’re on the East Coast, your chance to see Vektor and Eight Bells begins (again) tonight with their big tour with Voivod kicking off in Providence (and then on to NYC and Philly). Don’t miss it!

-The Sweet and Sweaty