Nellie Green’s & Stony Creek Brewery Combo Platter

…To continue where we left off after the ‘yoga and drink a beer’ Tuesday at Stony Creek Brewery last week, we then turned the corner to Nellie Green’s for a fine meal…

The driveway for Nellie Green’s is adjacent to Stony Creek’s and it is definitely walkable from the brewery. Since it’s still winter time, we opted for the comforts of our car.

Like Stony Creek Brewery, Nellie Green’s is nestled in the boatyards overlooking the Branford River and is open year round. The views were certainly more like the final hideout and chase scene in a Lethal Weapon movie vs. a marina at summer’s peak, but that did NOT effect the dining experience or amazing food (i.e., the winter silence except for the flow of the river, cavernous buildings, looming boats stacked high in the air, with villains seemingly creeping around every corner, was more a part of The Sweet and Sweaty’s imagination running wild vs. reality). Don’t let it deter your visit, just think of it more like a restaurant speakeasy… or anyway, just read on folks!

Once inside we were greeted by an inviting dining room and energetic chatter at the bar. It’s both casual and elegant, with waterfront views from the dining area, bar, and a seasonal, outdoor patio.

The server was extremely professional & hospitable, and made sure to take our cocktail orders right away:

negroni_espresso martini

The pic is deceivingly dark… don’t worry, it’s more well lit than this and very romantic! Nellie’s Negroni (Hendrick’s, Campari, Sweet Vermouth) on left; Espresso Martini on right.

The cocktails were extremely generous and the taste was to perfection, from the hands of a seasoned spirits artist.

The appetizer was one of the best that we have ever tasted, from any category: Nellie Green’s Eggplant Soufletto – careful, that’s hot!

Nellie Green's

Eggplant Soufletto: ricotta cheese, San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, basil oil ($9)

We didn’t go too crazy with starters, as robust entrees were on the way. The Sweet one married with the Rockport Lobster Trofie which, by the way, was one of the best entree’s she’s had in a long while and The Sweaty one chose the exquisite, Allen Brothers Short Rib (hover over or tap the images for full descriptions):

There was more than enough leftover from each meal for lunch the next day which is always a bonus. The short rib was supremely slow cooked and came undone exactly like a roast or brisket should, one strand at a time. It is unbelievable how balanced it was in being lean and desirably fatty all at the same time. The frizzled shallots added to every bite (battered, fried shallot pieces and strings) and you couldn’t get enough of the touches of Malbec & smoked black pepper sauce. A side of sauce would have been amazing, that might have just just drown out the natural flavors of the rib. We did NOT have room for dessert…

We will definitely be paying Nellie Green’s another visit, but we don’t know if we’ll be able to hold out long enough for the ‘spring and summer views’!

Happy dining, and let us know what you think if you’ve already been, or jump to give it a try*.

-The Sweet and Sweaty

*Either way, make sure to read the legend of ‘Nellie Green’, integral to the origin of this fine establishment – very interesting!

Nellie Green’s
50 Maple Street, Branford CT 06405
Instagram: @NellieGreens