Friday Night Cocktail Series: The Corpse Reviver

I never used The Corpse Reviver as a hangover cure, even though it is billed as one. I actually believe it’s a better cocktail to begin your night; giving you a needed boost after a long day. It’s an easy drinker with a sour start and a sweet finish, so don’t be afraid. Whichever way you want to take it, I figured that East Coasters would need it this weekend to revive their bodies from the brutality of the Polar Vortex!

The Corpse Reviver is another classic cocktail made famous in The Savoy Cocktail Book (Harry Craddock; 1930). Tip: The mix below is most often referred to on cocktail menus as a Corpse Reviver ‘#2’
corpse reviver ingredients
1 oz gin
1/2 oz Triple-Sec (Cointreau being used most traditionally)
1/2 oz Lillet Blanc
3/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 dash absinthe (being frugal, and enjoying many cocktails w/ absinthe, we instead use Pernod, an anise liqueur and a fine substitute).
Tools: shot measure, cocktail shaker/strainer
Glass: cocktail glass

Add three normal ice cubes and all ingredients to your shaker. Shake like there’s no tomorrow and then strain into your chilled cocktail glass. Begin drinking immediately in order to get the best punch out of the Corpse Reviver!
corpse reviver

In summary, I really need to thank Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco for first introducing me to this wonderful cocktail. I was intrigued by the name alone, being an enormous fan of metal music and also curious of being ‘revived’. There was nothing like it, after an extremely long day of business in the city, with many adventures to be had that night, a  ton of walking having been done and more to come.

Stay tuned for more versions of the Corpse Reviver and other delicious libations.

Enjoy responsibly and stay revived this weekend!

-The Sweet and Sweaty